Fantasy football is near halfway through. However, in case if you still want to participate in NFL fantasy football you can enjoy it very much because this year we are going to have 17 games season instead of 16. In order to play fantasy football, all you have to do is join any free or paid league which you can on dozens of platforms and draft your fantasy football team.

We have researched the top 10 prospects of the remaining fantasy football season with an updated players list. It’s very disappointing to see that Derrick Henry got injured and had to be placed on IR. McCaffery is just coming from IR on his own. Michael Thomas is out for the rest of the season. Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Chris Carson, Chris Edwards Helaire, and many other known fantasy football players are either dealing with injuries are just coming out of it. In light of all of the above, we have compiled a list of the top 10 fresh fantasy football draft picks.

1. Alvin Kamara (RB – New Orleans Saints)

Alvin Kamara is currently best duel threat RB.

Stats in 2020

Rushing Yards 932, TD 16.            Rec Yards 756, TD 5.       Fantasy Points: 295

Coming at number 1 is Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints who have been nothing but an explosive force for the past 3 years. Kamara rushed for 16 touchdowns last year with additionally catching 5 touchdowns through the air. He is one of the most consistent players in the league. No one can forget his performance at the 2020 Christmas where he scored 6 touchdowns. He will continue to improve in the upcoming season.

2. Najee Harris (RB – Pittsburgh Steelers)

Stats in 2020 (Was still in college)

Najee Harris is number 2 on the list and the only reason he is on number 2nd is that he is playing extremely well. In 8 games he has scored 143 points averaging 20+ points per game in PPR format. He is on pace to score 300+ points in 17 games however, we expect him to go an extra mile and it’s entirely possible that he might end up scoring 350+ points because the Steelers’ offense has always been better in the second half of the season.

3. Dalvin Cook (RB – Minnesota Vikings)

Stats in 2020

Rushing Yards 1557, TD 16.          Rec Yards 361, TD 1.       Fantasy Points: 293

Dalvin Cook has been also dealing with an injury. Plus, he also hadn’t been playing well. So far in 2021, he has only scored 73 points in 5 games averaging just 14+ points per game. Still, Cook is an elite RB and will continue to be better. If you end up at number 3 overall there is no one else but Dalvin Cook to pick as your primary running back.

4. Cooper Kupp (WR – Los Angeles Rams)

Cooper Kupp is on pace to score record breaking fantasy points.

Stats in 2020:                   

Receiving Yards 974, TD 4.           Rushing Yards 33             Fantasy point 208.7  

Cooper Kupp has been nothing short of marvel this season. His connection with the QB Matthew Stafford is even better than the Stafford-CJ81 connection. Likewise, Kupp is on pace to break Calvin Johnson’s record by 1 yard. Here is another takeaway: Kupp has more fantasy points than anyone in the league thus far and that includes the quarterbacks. The reason Kupp is on number 4 and not higher is because we expect this production to become down. Teams will be more prepared when playing against Kupp in the remaining season. However, still, he is a worthy player to be picked as a fourth overall draft choice.

5. Christian McCaffery (Running Back – Carolina Panthers)

 Stats in 2020:

Rushing Yards 225, TD 5.              Rec Yards 149, TD 1.       Fantasy Points: 73

McCaffery has spent most of his time sidelined with injury. This has been the second year in a row that this is happening. In case if you are thinking he is still very much a threat with his duel threat capability. McCaffery was being drafted at first overall. However, after halfway through fantasy football, his stock has slumped a bit and he is at number 5.

6. Jonathan Taylor (RB – Indianapolis Colts)

Stats in 2020

Rushing Yards 1169, TD 11.            Rec Yards 299, TD 1.       Fantasy Points: 216

Jonathan Taylor has a quiet start in the 2021 season. However, he has been really pushing the acceleration peddle and continues to perform better week after week. Jonathan Taylor is doing at RB position what Justin Herbert did at the quarterback position last year but with Herbert, there was at least a hype that he could have a good season being drafted at number 6 overall after having a great college career. No one would’ve thought that Jonathan Taylor would be able to achieve what he did last year. In 2021 expect Taylor to be performing at the level he is performing now.

7. Ezekiel Elliott (RB – Dallas Cowboys)

Stats in 2020.

Rushing Yards 979, TD 6.              Rec Yards 338, TD 2.       Fantasy Points: 171

Like Jonathan Taylor Elliot had a rough start of the season however, he has been playing great as well. He has scored 125.7 points in PPR format averaging just under 20 points per game which is a good score from a running back. We expect Elliot to continue to perform amazingly in the rest of the season

8. Aaron Jones (RB – Green Bay Packers)

Stats in 2020

Rushing Yards 1104, TD 09.          Rec Yards 355, TD 5.       Fantasy Points: 212

Coming at number 8 is a huge jump for the running back of Aaron Jones considering that no one was picking him anywhere in the first round last year. Aaron Jones was an all-around star last year. He did everything he was asked to do. The whole Green Bay team played really well getting behind QB

Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay’s scheme is very good and Aaron Jones fits right into the scheme. The only thing going against Jones is that he is missing practice time and it is believed there might be a contract issue involved. Whatever it is, we hope that Jones will come back to start with Rodgers and Smith giving the Packers team a huge boost.

9. Tyreek Hill (Wide Receiver – Kansas City Chiefs)

2020 Stats.

Receiving Yards 1276, TD 15. Rushing Yards 123, TD 2. Fantasy Points: 241.

Despite Chiefs’ not-so-good performance (so far) in 2021, Tyreek Hill’s performance is better. Tyreek Hill does what he normally does best and that is run like crazy after catching the ball. His performance was on par with Davante Adams despite playing one less game. Tyreek Hill is the safest option at number 9, especially, we now know that Mahomes especially likes to throw to Kelce or Hill.

10. Davante Adams (Wide Receiver – Green Bay Packers)

Davante Adams is once again having a great year.

2020 Stats:

115 Rec 1374 Rec Yds 18 RecTDs,               0 Carries, 0 Yards, 0 RuTDs  Fantasy Points: 358

Davante Adams has been playing amazingly well so far. He is averaging 20.7 points per game and has scored 144 points after 7 games. He should be should also be drafted alongside Hill or Kupp. Therefore, in case if you have you are looking for a good wide-out then you must have Adams, Kupp, or Hill.  The reason Adams is at number 10 and not above in our list is that Green Bay has some tough match-ups down the road.

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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