Week 11 fantasy football

Week 10 was an overall low week for fantasy owners. There weren’t too many high-score games. Covid and injuries keep on taking tolls on the players. Patrick Mahomes with 36 points was the overall leader of all fantasy players. It’s very good news for his fantasy owners that he got his form back. Deebo Samuel of 49ers and Steffon Diggs of the Bills were the only other players (PPR) who went above 30 points.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

  1.               Patrick Mahomes             KC                        36.24    
  2.               Dak Prescott                     DAL                      26.34    
  3.               Josh Allen                         BUF                       21.94    
  4.               Trevor Siemian                  NO                       19.92    
  5.               Mac Jones                         NE                        19.72    

Key Takeaways

Mahomes was perfect against the Raiders. He threw for 406 yards, 5 touchdowns, 0 interceptions with 70% accuracy. Due to his amazing performance, the other offensive weapons of the KC Chiefs also ended up performing great. Other notable performances were from Mac Jones -who keeps on playing amazingly well for a Rookie- and Trevor Siemian who was starting in place of injured Jameis Winston and played well. Dak Prescott and Josh Allen were the other two players in the top 5. Both of them are also in the top 5 must starts for week 11. There is some issue going on with Lamar Jackson which hasn’t been declared by the Ravens so make sure to keep monitoring Jackson’s status until the game starts. There is a 50-50 chance he will play.  

Quarterback Rankings For Week 10

  1.             Josh Allen                           BUF
  2.             Patrick Mahomes              KC
  3.             Lamar Jackson                   BAL
  4.             Dak Prescott                       DAL
  5.             Tom Brady                          TB


Christian McCaffrey is back with a stellar performance.

Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

  1.               Darrel Williams                 KC                     29.4       
  2.               Rhamondre Stevenson  NE                      27.4       
  3.               AJ Dillon                             GB                     26.8       
  4.               Christian McCaffrey        CAR                   26.1       
  5.               Jonathan Taylor                IND                    24.6       

Takeaways After Week 10

Darrel Williams is making the most of the time he got during Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s injure. Edwards-Helaire who was on IR has been activated in week 11 and it will be interesting to see how Andy Reids decided to play two of his RBs. Honestly, from what we have observed so far Williams has at least earned a role to share his carries equally with Edwards-Helaire but we will keep an eye on the situation. For week 11 we suggest that fantasy owners should only start Williams if they don’t have any other viable options. Moreover, speaking of backups, AJ Dillon got the majority role after Aaron Jones went down with an injury. He scored 26.8 fantasy points. Jonathan Taylor had yet again a stellar performance scoring almost 25 fantasy points. McCaffrey had a good comeback game and he should be good in week 11 as well.

These are the must starts RBs for week 11.  

Week 10 Must Start RBs (PPR)

1              Christian McCaffrey        CAR

2              Delvin Cook                       MIN

3             Najee Harris                       PIT

4              Jonathan Taylor                IND

5              Austin Ekeler                      LAC


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Deebo Samuel                    SF                          30.3       

2              Stefon Diggs                       BUF                        30.2       

3              CeeDee Lamb                    DAL                        28.6       

4              Tyreek Hill                           KC                           27.5       

5              Kendrick Bourne                NE                           24.1                       


The wide receiver group of fantasy football was the best among all fantasy performers. Overall great performances by lots of wideouts. Cooper Kupp scored 23.8 and was just shy off from being in the top 5 (Kupp was in our top 5 must start last the last week). Tyreek Hill and Steffon Diggs were also in the top 5 must starts of the week and both did great. Deebo Samuel has been having a great fantasy season so far and being that he is WR1 in San Fransisco, he should continue to perform at top tier level.

In week 11 Tyreek Hill is on top of our list. Deebo Samuel has also made the list. Kupp has bye week so we have included Ja’Marr Chase in his place. This is the complete list.

Week 10 WR Rankings  

1             Tyreek Hill                          KC

2              Davante Adams                GB

3             Stefon Diggs                       BUF

4             Deebo Samuel                    SF

5              Ja’Marr Chase                    CIN


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Travis Kelce                       KC                          19.9                       

2              Hunter Henry                     NE                          19.7                       

3              Mark Andrews                  BAL                        18.3                       

4              Tyler Conklin                      MIN                       16.1                       

5              George Kittle                     SF                           16.0                       


George Kittle once again performed great. Kittle, along with Kelce and Andrews are very obvious starts every week regardless of their matchups. In week 11 the rankings are not much different from the week 10, only ranking numbers have been changed. In week 10 the rankings aren’t changed much from the previous weeks as Kelece, Waller, and Andrews remain in the top 5.

WEEK 11 Best  Starting TE Rankings (PPR)

1             Travis Kelce                        KC

2              George Kittle                      SF

3             Darren Waller                    LV

4             Mark Andrews                 BAL

5              T.J. Hockenson                 DET


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Zane Gonzalez                CAR                        17.0       

2              Jake Elliott                       PHI                         14.0       

3              Chris Boswell                   PIT                          12.0       

3              Harrison Butker                KC                           12.0       

6              Randy Bullock                    TEN                        11.0

Key Takeaways After Week 10

Zane Gonzalez topped the leader-board with 17.0 points. Other performances were about average.

Week 11 Must Start Place Kickers

1             Tyler Bass                            BUF

2             Justin Tucker                      BAL

3             Harrison Butker                KC

4             Randy Bullock                    TEN

5              Nick Folk                              NE

6. DSTs

The DST of Miami has been playing great in recent weeks.

Rank       Team Name                      Points

1              Dallas Cowboys                23.0       

2              Miami Dolphins                 18.0       

3              Green Bay Packers           17.0       

4              San Francisco 49ers         16.0       

5              Philadelphia Eagles          15.0       


The Defense and Special Teams (DST) of Dallas Cowboys was at number 1 with 23.0 points. However, we need to mention Miami’s DST here because for the past couple of weeks now their defense has been playing great. Miami has been on the winning side because of their DST. That’s why they are on our top 5 list for week 11’s fantasy football rankings. Make sure to stack them and start them this week if you can find Miami’s DST in free agency.

Best Defense Teams Rankings For Week 11 DSTs

1              Tennessee Titans

2              Cleveland Browns

3              New England Patriots

4              Buffalo Bills

5              Miami Dolphins

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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