Bologna, Schouten: “Wrong approach with Venice but arbitrage made a mistake”

BOLOGNA SCHOUTEN – Jerdy Schouten, Bologna midfielder, made some statements to the club’s official microphones, returning to the Venice-Bologna episode. Here is what was stated.

“I’m angry, we didn’t get onto the pitch well, but then we got everything back. If the referee does not give the penalty, we win the game. Let’s look at ourselves, we have to do better but the refereeing made a mistake that didn’t help us. Did you resume the game with one of his goals? I’m happy, I don’t score a lot, every goal is special. I was hoping at that moment that that would bring us victory. I’m sorry. Mihajlovic is back. An exciting moment, we are very happy that the coach is with us, for that we are even more sorry. There were a lot of fans. Our people make a lot of noise, we liked it and they helped us a lot. On Sassuolo? In A every challenge it’s tough, it’s always difficult, but we have the quality to win all the games ”.

Serious mistake by Marinelli in the match between Venice-Bologna: regular contact between Aramu and Medel, the penalty was not to be validated. The Venezia then won the game, in injury time, with the conclusion of Johnsen, a powerful trajectory under the crossbar.


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