Chiellini at 360 °: “I’ll tell you everything about Buffon, Barzagli and Bonucci. About the next captain … “

Giorgio Chiellini, former Juventus defender, gave a long interview on the Juventus Youtube channel. Below is an excerpt of his words.

Chiellini at 360 °: “I’ll tell you everything about Buffon, Barzagli and Bonucci. About the next captain … “

“Buffon, Barzagli and Bonucci? Gigi is the one I’ve played with the most in my life. I think Leo is the second. He cheats a little less because we always had one. This photo will bring a tear to the Juventus fans for a few years. Gigi is genuine, he is true and he involves you in everything he does. He is special. Barzagli one for all of us is a rock on and off the pitch. Because in any case he managed to be authoritative but with young people and South Americans he had more lightness than us. And he is not taken for granted. He was truly our ambassador in South American. The last month he played they gave him no respite with jokes they did everything to him “.

Chiellini on Bonucci: “He will have the same feeling I felt when Gigi left”

“But it shows the affection they had towards him. Leo certainly the energy that he has and is able to put with everyone. He really has an energy that he releases and is inexhaustible. Leo is one who has lived through many moments in which he has managed to overcome insurmountable mountains. Against the many detractors of him he has shown that he has a career that none of them thought. The reality is that all of us have improved each other. Without the presence of one or the other we would not have been less good there is not one who has not benefited from the presence of the other. I think it’s a very beautiful thing. Will Leo take your headband? But Leo has already taken it plenty of times. Now he will be a little more alone. He will feel the same feeling I felt when Gigi left. Clear satisfaction for being the Captain but I would have preferred to be Gigi’s deputy until today. ”

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