Conference League, Rome on the roof of Europe: the strengths of the Giallorossi

La Roma wins the first edition of the Conference League. The Giallorossi last night a Tirana they beat the Dutch 1-0 Feyenoord thanks to a goal by Zaniolo at 32 ‘. For the Capitoline club this is the first real triumph in Europe, given that the Fairs Cup won in 1961 was an invitation-only tournament and the UEFA hard to recognize it. Roma hadn’t raised a cup for fourteen years: the last trophy dates back to the 2008 Italian Cup. An important page in the Giallorossi’s history has therefore been written, but whose merits are it? What are the factors that led to the Roma triumph? Let’s analyze them in detail.

The Special One

Jose Mourinho it certainly plays a central role in Roma’s conquest of the Conference League. Among other things, the Portuguese coach was the last coach to raise an international trophy with an Italian team (Champions League with l ‘Inter In 2010). One of the most successful in Europe has chosen to lead a team that in its European history had not yet won anything: the strange couple immediately worked. Mourinho has immersed himself 100% in the Roma reality, as evidenced by the tears shed yesterday at the end of the game.

The Giallorossi season, excluding the Conference League, was not exciting: sixth place in the championship (only one point more than last year) ed elimination in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup against Inter. Yet José Mourinho has earned the acclaim of all the Giallorossi people. Perhaps because compared to past years, this time we perceive the desire to build a serious and long-term project. The Special One he embraced the Roma cause and will do everything to give many joys to the fans, who believe in him and see him as a leader. A coach who has won everything in his career has decided to get back into the game in one of the hottest and most difficult squares in the world. The emotional and passionate Giallorossi world can only love Mourinho’s spirit unconditionally.

The strength of the individual

However, Roma is not just Mourinho. The Giallorossi team has the right mix between promising and talented youngsters and established champions. The group is well established, everyone, more or less, gave their contribution, fought and deserved this victory. But some players should be mentioned in particular. The big names are without a doubt Rui Patricio, Smalling, Mkhitaryan, Spinazzola, Pellegrini e Abraham.

The Portuguese goalkeeper, champion of Europe with his national team in 2016, made a fundamental contribution to the victory of this cup, especially in the final, where he made amazing saves defending the 1-0 until the end of the match. Smalling and Mkhitaryan boast a Europa League with Manchester United and many other trophies in the Premier League: they brought to Rome that experience and that winning mentality that has always been lacking. Abraham won the Champions League with Chelsea and played his best career season in the Giallorossi. Capitan Pellegrini is the 2020 European champion with Italy and this year he had his definitive consecration, becoming one of the strongest midfielders in our league. Leonardo Spinazzola deserves a special mention, also a European champion with our national team: the blue winger spent the whole season in the infirmary. He is back for the last few games and will certainly be the most important signing of the Giallorossi for next year.

Then there are the more established young people (like Zaniolo) and less (like Zalewski, Afena Gyan, bove e volpato). Zaniolo’s short career so far has always been conditioned by injuries, but when he is well he has shown that he is a decisive player: last night in fact it was he who put the signature on the match goal. Zalewski is a very flexible player and has never made Spinazzola regret on the left wing. Afena-Gyan, Bove and Volpato had their space and showed off by deciding on several matches.

The environment

The third and final decisive factor is certainly the Giallorossi’s climate. Roma can boast one of the most beautiful supporters in the world. The Roma people have suffered a lot in recent years, from sports results to the farewells of flags Totti e The Rossi. But there was never a lack of support for the team and for these colors. The Romanists represent the ideal of the perfect fan. They are totally devoted to their team, regardless of the outcome. Attachment to the shirt and the city come first. The bond with José Mourinho and with this group of players is fantastic, and certainly many merits of this fantastic relationship go to the Special One, which has been able to earn the trust of its people with his way of being more than with the results. , and this is wonderful.

The world of Rome is not for everyone, but it certainly belongs to this group and this coach, who have brought home a historic result for the Giallorossi club.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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