Kumbulla on the Conference League final: “I’m not in the skin”

Maras Kumbulla spoke about the Conference League final and much more in a letter made public by Corriere Dello Sport. Here is what extrapolated.

Kumbulla on the Conference League final: “I’m not in the skin”

“I tell you honestly, I’m not in the skin. At the beginning of the season, when I learned that the final would be played in Tirana, I set the goal of reaching it. For me, who was born in Italy to an Albanian family, it was like a sign of destiny. Fortunately, dreams do come true. And now it will be up to us to complete the work by beating the Feyenoord, even though we know it will not be easy. For the Albanians this final represents an opportunity ”.

Kumbulla: “Our Premier is in love with Mourinho”

“And I know for sure that their welcome will be exemplary. They have established a very solid bond with the Italians. In Tirana, apart from the Feyenoord fans who will rightly support their team, we will have a large part of the public on our side. Even our Premier is in love with Mourinho. To play? It would be great, I’d be a liar if I said I don’t hope to play this game, at least for a few minutes. But the final decision is up to the coach and it’s up to us to always respect it “

Pasquale Caldarelli


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