Fantasy Football 2021-2022: how to manage the budget for the auction

How to build a rose up to the goal of the final victory of the Fantasy Football: one of the secrets is linked to the budget available at the beginning of the auction and its right division by department

Mino Raiola (Sports agent)
Mino Raiola (Sports agent)

Useful tips in view of the Fantasy Football auction

There are the ones who organize it before the start of the championship. Others prefer to organize it after the end of the calciomercato. Regardless of the period in which the auction takes place, is probably the most important moment of the entire fantasy football season: they put to good use the strategies studied during the summer and you build the squad with which to face the fantasy football season. In order to better deal with the auction, it is necessary to set a maximum “expenditure cap” for each department.

It is essential that we are prepared to change our strategy during the work if we are not able to achieve some of the objectives we have set during the studing phase. It is also essential to pay attention to everything that happens during the auction, also participating in negotiations concerning players not present in the list of objectives in order to make spend as many credits as possible to the opponent fantamanager, strategy with good percentages of effectiveness against the risk of finding yourself in the squad some unwanted purchases. Before deciding how to divide the budget it is essential to identify a basic module with which to deal with the fantasy football season: with a 3-4-3 would be essential a more substantial investment in the midfield at the defense expense, with a 4-3-3 would happen the opposit. We look at a team of 25 players, with 3 goalkeepers, 8 defenders, 8 midfielders and 6 strikers with an initial budget of 500 credits.


The best strategy is to buy the first 2 goalkeepers of a high-ranking team, to be covered in case of turnover or defection of the regular. To complete the department the advice is to take, without spending excessive amounts, a goalkeeper of a team of medium-low ranking, possibly with a good matches cross with the “regular duo”. For a good goal department, 30 credits could be enough.


It is the department in which bets must be kept to a minimum, focusing mainly on reliability and regularity. First you need to localize the top of the department, to which reserve no less than 20 credits, focusing mainly on players bringing bonuses: fullbacks with offensive features or set piecers. Once the main target has been identified, it is necessary to choose at least 3 other regular players to invest 25 credits in total . Finally, we recommend using about ten credits to buy the remaining 4 players, especially taking into account the regularity and “propensity to cards”.


Even more than the attack the midfield is probably the department where you can make the bigger difference. It is therefore necessary to try to ensure a “prolific player”, able to get around the double digit goals, spending not less than 60 credits. Once you purchase the top of the department, we recommend spending about 20 credits for the second slot player and 15 each for the third and fourth slot players. For the remaining 4 players we suggest a total spending cap of about 15 credits. At least 2 low cost bets are recommended especially for those who use a 3-player midfield.


And here we are at the moment of truth: from the choice of the top player for the attack, the man able to guarantee 20-25 goals, from whom depends on most of the fantasy football fortunes of the entire season for the fantamanager. But a department cannot depend on just 1 player, so you must also purchase a second level slot player, a man from about 15 goals per season, able to cover absences or declines in shape of the first slot player. For these 2 players need not less than 250 total credits and reserve 50 credits to the remaining 4. Also, in this case, the subdivision is free: You can also choose for example to sacrifice a slot by buying a player at 1 credit only to “fare numero” and thus to reserve a larger budget for the other 3.

By Giovanni Maggio

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