Genoa, Criscito: “Tonight went very well, it was my revenge. On salvation … “

GENOA CRISCITO – Domenico Criscito, Genoa defender, made some statements to the microphones of Sky Sports, at the end of the match against Juventus.

Genoa, Criscito: “Tonight went very well, it was my revenge. On salvation … “

“As I said in the pre-match, football makes you cry and make you smile, tonight went very well, it was my revenge, even if last week’s mistake no one cancels it. I am happy for these three points because there is still that flame burning to believe it, so we believe it.
Important goal in view of salvation… Absolutely, the salvation fight is very beautiful, we have many teams side by side, we have to fight until the end. We have a difficult match, the next one, in Naples, we have to go there with the same malice. Even when we went down by a goal we believed in it and in the end we managed to take home the three points. On the penalty? To be honest I was calmer today than last week. Last week my mistake was to change corner at the last second, I kicked badly and it went badly. Today went well and I’m happy. What week did you live? Your wife was crying. My wife knows how much I suffer when we lose, she is by my side 24 hours a day, this week has been tough, I did home-camp, camp-home, I didn’t go out. There was anger, there was disappointment and I was just focused on work. Tonight went well, I think I also played a good match, I feel good physically and I am very happy. Who are you running on? On ourselves, we don’t look at others, we first think about winning then we look at others “.

With great personality and courage, Criscito showed up on the spot and transformed the penalty without hesitation. Not an easy week for the defender after the mistake against Sampdoria always in the final match. Salvation, although complicated, is still attainable.

Davide D’Alessio


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