Rome, Totti: “Season of 5.5, with the Conference League …”

ROMA TOTTI – Francesco Totti, former striker and historic captain of Roma, made some statements to the microphones of SportMediaset, commenting on the season of the Giallorossi. Here is what was stated.

Rome, Totti: “Season of 5.5, with the Conference League …”

Juventus-Inter? It is a special evening that everyone would like to experience. They are important finals, to try to get at least one trophy during the year. The game is beautiful, we hope there will be many goals and the best one wins. Favorite? They are two great teams, Inter and Juventus, there are very strong players. Any result can come out. Roma are in the final of the Conference League, but you gave the season a 5,5: is this a joke? For the year he did, no. Then if he were to win a trophy, the vote would go up. Dybala? He will not think about the future, but he will prove to be a great champion ”.

The eventual victory of the Conference League, in addition to being still important to win an international trophy, would also be important from a Europa League perspective. At 180 ′ from the end, Roma, in the league, are three points behind Lazio. While he is level on points with Fiorentina, the Viola are looking for the assault on the Europa League after the victory in the direct clash. An evaluation, that of Totti, which fully reflects the seasonal trend.

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