Maignan, Buffon: “Milan have found a very strong goalkeeper”

MAIGNAN MILAN BUFFON – Gianluigi Buffon, Parma goalkeeper, made some statements, to the microphones of Tuttomercatoweb, speaking of Milan and Maignan. Here is what was stated.

Maignan, Buffon: “Milan have found a very strong goalkeeper”

“How it seemed to you this Serie A championship won by Milan? Milan were the best team, because in my opinion they were not the strongest: Juve and Inter in my opinion were superior to them. The difference was made by the club, the management and the coach: Pioli was very good in this two and a half year career at Milan. This year it was even more so because he was in a new situation. He also found a great goalkeeper? A great goalkeeper, the three prominent elements were Maignan, Theo Hernandez, Tonali and when he had him up and running, Ibra. Leao? He too, certainly, even if more discontinuous. And this says a lot about what it means to believe in it together, to have a compact group and a coach who manages to stimulate you at the right point and create a positive environment “.

Mike Maignan on his arrival in Milan had a difficult role, that of not making one regret the farewell of Gianluigi Donnarumma. The boy’s qualities, however, were already well known. The Rossoneri goalkeeper, in the previous season, was one of the protagonists of the Ligue 1 won by Lille against PSG. 21 clean sheets, the highest number of goalkeepers in last season’s top 5 European leagues. He also equaled Trapp’s Ligue 1 record in the 2015/2016 season. If we consider the last two championships, including the season at Milan, out of 67 appearances he has kept a clean sheet 36 times, more than half.

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