Mancini: “Fatigue must not be felt, we are physically fine. This is the most important match for me “

MANCINI – On the eve of the Conference League final, Gianluca Mancini spoke yesterday at the press conference about the match against Feyenoord. Here is what the Italian defender declared.

Mancini: “Fatigue must not be felt, we are physically fine. This is the most important match for me “

How will you play?
“Are you asking me if I’ll take the yellow? (laughs, ed). We respect the opponent and we will play with concentration ”.

A message for the fans?
“A part will be here, one at the Olimpico and as we thank you we must do everything to bring home something unique”.

Have you talked to Kumbulla who will play the final at home? Mourinho’s words?
“They are true, if we had been fifth, maybe we would have played the last few games in a different way. We complicated everything by ourselves, we had to win by force in Turin. Tomorrow is the final and we can also play 300 ‘but we will give everything. The tiredness must not be felt, we have been coming for two weeks where we have played one game a week, we are fine. Kumbulla immediately told us that the Albanian fans will cheer for us, we are very happy with this “.

When did you realize you could get to the bottom?
“From the beginning of the season we thought that the minimum goal was the final. In words it is easy, everyone thought it was the cup of the joke, after Bodo’s blow we understood that we had to always give our best. After we faced every match to reach the final, we started this work in August, now we are missing a step for something unique “.

Is it the most important match of your career?
“Yes, for me it is the most important match”.

Tonight, at 21:00, the Conference League final will be staged in Tirania, Albania. Roma will have the opportunity to win a European trophy that Italy has been missing for ten years now.

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