National, Pasqual: “Despite the victory in the European Championship, the leap in quality was missing”

NATIONAL PASQUAL – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Manuel Pasqual, former Fiorentina player, spoke.

National, Pasqual: “Despite the victory in the European Championship, the leap in quality was missing”

Italy has left the World Cup, but there are Scalvini and Zanoli who have had an important impact: is it a response to the Italian renewal?

“Let’s say that if the coaches have decided not to adapt certain players in some roles and have thrown them into the fray, it means that the qualities of the boys are there. The desire of a young boy leads you to do well, then over time they will have to improve and continue to grow. They are players with the up arrow, they have important characteristics. The national team, after all the criticism for the exit from the World Cup, lacked that all the players are fully masters of their role and that they are international. If we look at the 2006 national team, that squad had many matches in Serie A and Europe, compared to one that, despite having won the European Championship, did not make the leap in quality.
Italian football has not been in the top tier for a few years, many go to the Premier League for both economic reasons and personal ambitions. A restructuring of football has to be done to make sure that the champions come here. My first year in Serie A there were teams with Inter, Juve, Milan, Lazio and Napoli which were top European clubs. Now, however, if we go to see the top 5/6 teams you have to make a mix of players to be at the top in Europe. The quality has dropped for several reasons, certainly the Premier for a footballer is more ambitious because it is faster, more dynamic and where you earn more. There is definitely a need for a makeover so that players get back to playing. Top in Europe like Mbappé and Haaland would not come to any team in Italy ”.

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