Petagna, Tiribocchi: “A third choice like him is a luxury. About his future … “

PETAGNA TIRIBOCCHI – Simone Tiribocchi, current commentator of Dazn and footballer of Atalanta and Turin, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Petagna, Tiribocchi: “A third choice like him is a luxury. About his future … “

What game do you expect between Napoli-Fiorentina?

“In my opinion it’s the best race of the weekend, given how they both play. It will be a great match played and not defended, it will be fun ”.

What will be the leitmotiv of the race?

“In some ways they are similar in ownership. In the non-possession phase, Napoli varies according to the opponent, Fiorentina always press very hard, they often arrive without energy at the end of the games because Italian always wants to press on the whole field “.

Capello says that the Spaniards play the Italians and win, we build from the bottom and we lose.

“If we go to see Atletico Madrid and Real, maybe we will. Barcelona are still proactive. Once there was talk of bolt, now of counterattack and restart. It depends on the players you have, many teams start from the bottom because they create superiority in the attacking phase. If you have Osimhen it is right to make him run, he has those characteristics ”.

Cabral arrived in Florence after having done well in Basel, it is normal that they are six months of apprenticeship. Your opinion?

“He is an interesting player, he can do well with Italian and his way of playing. He often takes chances if he created them and he made a mistake, while others he didn’t understand the game because he doesn’t know his opponents. He can do well, he paid for Piatek’s many goals. He started playing less, you lose some self-esteem. He is not Vlhaovic, but he is an interesting player ”.

How heavy is Torreira’s absence?

“He gives the balance, runs for two, knows when to press high and when to lower. It doesn’t have long ranges, but it’s European level. It is a heavy absence “.

Why did De Laurentiis’ Napoli intervene on the January transfer market for Petagna, which does not suit the characteristics of Gattuso’s and now Spalletti’s teams?

“I appreciated the professional, he never said a thing out of place, always training. It came as a market hit and found himself on the sidelines, with the arrival of Osimhen and Mertens still making the difference. There are requests for coaches, transfer market affairs, needs to be met, he is a different player than the Napoli forwards, with Mertens who is strong in the last 20 meters while Osimhen also 50. He is structured, protects the ball, has less chance to play because Napoli has always had dominion over the ball, they didn’t need to throw the ball but they need a finisher and Napoli have better ones ”.

Isn’t he put in a position to do so?

“It’s a luxury, then it’s up to the coach to put him in the mental condition. He played the games, especially in the Europa League. Being the third striker of a team with 40 or more matches a year is an added value. Spalletti must be good at keeping them all on track ”.

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