Nazionale, Cuoghi: “Young people must take their course without pressure”

NATIONAL, CUOGHI- Stefano Cuoghi told TMW Radio in an important way on the Italian national team and on what should be improved a lot.


“I hope he can start from scratch with young and important players. The important thing is that too many expectations are not created for these young people. You have to let them play and grow quietly, without exaggerating them after the first good performance. It is true that we won the European Championship but we did not manage to qualify for the World Championship. There is a lot of talk about the lack of players but I don’t think we didn’t have strong enough players to win the qualifying round or to beat Macedonia ”.

Nazionale, Cuoghi: “Young people must take their course without pressure”

In Italy there is the symptom of the pressure that in this society devastates everywhere in any sector, where everything is even more amplified in the world of Italian football. Our talents to date do not really have a guide, a real tranquility of expression both on and off the pitch. The next step of the country will have to be to be less under pressure and more confident than who has been and not only. On these occasions we need to grow to return to how it used to be.

Christian Marangio


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