Nazionale, Bargiggia: “This debacle is not Mancini’s fault. Milan market? I’ll explain everything. On Rome … “

BARGIGGIA NATIONAL – In Paolo Bargiggia, a journalist expert in the transfer market, spoke. The main themes were the AC Milan transfer market, which sees the Lille Botman defender, Mancini’s national team, who will play against Hungary and the Roma transfer market more and more protagonist. Below, an excerpt from the interview.

Nazionale, Bargiggia: “This debacle is not Mancini’s fault. Milan market? I’ll explain everything. On Rome … “

Of the Milanese market? “With the change of ownership, Milan are continuing the negotiations that had stalled before the sale. Lilla’s Sven Botman remains a target, as is Renato Sanchecs, even if he is looking for a right winger who is still known. Ederson della Salernitana, on the other hand, is a new goal for Inter, Perisic’s replacement will probably be Bellanova, a player owned by Bordeaux, who will be redeemed by Cagliari for a small amount. In Cagliari, Liverani will also be the next Sardinian coach ”. And that of the Roman women? “Lazio are trying to sign young players, unlike Roma, which is continuing with the thirty-year-olds, given the probable arrival of Matic. Mourinho intends to use safe second-hand vehicles “. Exegesis of this new cycle of Mancini: did he exaggerate the judgment of the national team after the result with Germany? “Unfortunately, it is not Mancini’s fault for this debacle, also because the percentage of foreign players in Serie A is among the highest in Europe. The worrying fact is that the sports press has lost any critical point, it seems that there is no such critical light as to be able to express an opinion on the work of the national team. The press should be more critical to stimulate the Azzurri managers to stay more on track. We need to keep the objective of the critics alight, especially after the elimination of Italy from the World Cup ”.

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