NFL Thanksgiving week.

Week 12 of the season is falling on Thanksgiving Week which means lots of exciting football games and lots of high-scoring games. There are always some memorable and noteworthy performances on the days associated with holidays. So, we hope that week 12 will be the same. In week 11 we saw some amazing performances including Jonathan’s Tylers 50+ points with 4 rushing TDs and one through the air. In another high-profile performance, Austin Ekeler of the Chargers scored 41.5 points. Ekeler has been a stellar performer as a duel thread RB and he will also be good to watch on the Thankgiving day football matchup against the Broncos. In today’s article, we will do a recap of week 11 and also shed light on the best fantasy matchups on Thanksgiving day weekend’s games.  


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Justin Herbert                   LAC                        35.28    

2              Aaron Rodgers                  GB                          33.50    

3              Jalen Hurts                       PHI                         30.78    

4              Trevor Siemian                  NO                         26.16    

4              Cam Newton                     CAR                        26.16    

Key Takeaways

Jalen Hurts has been the most consistent QB so far. Every week he is either in the top 5 or top 10. If he isn’t making plays with his arm he is doing with his feet but he is always racking up those fantasy points. Trevor Siemian is another name that popped up. He has been playing very well for a backup. But the biggest news of week 11 was starting of Cam Newton and as a result, Netwon delivered a decent performance. In the upcoming Thanksgiving week, we have Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, and Lamar Jackson in the top 5.  

Quarterback Rankings For Week 12 (Thanksgiving Week)

1             Lamar Jackson                   BAL

2             Josh Allen                            BUF

3             Tom Brady                           TB

4             Jalen Hurts                          PHI

5             Justin Herbert                    LAC


Jonathan Taylor: Colts RB1

Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Jonathan Taylor              IND                        53.4       

2              Austin Ekeler                   LAC                        41.5       

3              Christian McCaffrey        CAR                        24.9       

4              Joe Mixon                         CIN                         24.3

5              D’Andre Swift                    DET                        22.6       

Takeaways After Week 11

As described earlier Jonathan Taylor’s performance of a total of 5 touchdowns in week 11 is one of the best performances at any position in this season. Taylor’s performance also somewhat overshadowed other performances. Christian McCaffrey was also good and should play well in the Thanksgiving week games. Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler are also in the top 5 for next week. D’Andre Swift is a new entry in the top 5. Just like Jalen Hurts is doing at the QB position, Swift is doing the same at the RB position and that is quietly putting up a good number every week.

These are the must starts RBs for week 12.  

Week 11 Must Start RBs (PPR)

1              Christian McCaffrey        CAR

2              Jonathan Taylor               IND

3              Austin Ekeler                    LAC

4             Dalvin Cook                      MIN

5             D’Andre Swift                    DET


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Justin Jefferson               MIN                       37.2       

2              Davante Adams                GB                          30.5       

3              Elijah Moore                      NYJ                       29.6       

4              Darnell Mooney                CHI                         23.1       

5              Diontae Johnson              PIT                          23.0       


Justin Jefferson topped the leader board among wide receivers in week 11. He was amazing in his matchup scoring 37.2 points in PPR format. The whole offense of the Vikings actually performed really well. Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, and Dalvin Cook all were great. Justin was of course best among them. Davante Adams and Elijah Moore also played well scoring 30.5 and 29.6 points respectively. However, the biggest surprise is Darnell Mooney who was available in over 70% of the leagues just a week ago. Mooney has been performing consistently. Hopefully, you got to pick him because with ongoing injuries to wideouts it’s really hard to have quality wide receivers.

In the upcoming Thanksgiving week, we expect Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Steffon Diggs, Deebo Samuel, and Justin Jefferson to perform well. This is the list for the upcoming week.

Week 12 WR Rankings  

1             Cooper Kupp                     LAR

2              Davante Adams              GB

3             Stefon Diggs                     BUF

4             Deebo Samuel                   SF

5              Justin Jefferson              MIN


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Zach Ertz                           ARI                         28.8       

2              Travis Kelce                      KC                           18.8       

3              Darren Waller                    LV                           18.6       

4              Adam Trautman                NO                         16.8       

5              Mark Andrews                  BAL                        15.3       


In Arizona Colt McCoy started instead of regular QB Kyler Murray and threw for 328 yards and two touchdowns. Zach Ertz was the biggest beneficiary of all tight ends. Ertz scored 28.8 points. Although he is TE1 in Arizona, it would be tough for Ertz to repeat this performance. In other performances, Travis Kelece, Darren Waller, and Mark Andrews performed as they should have been. Adam Trautman also got the most from another backup QB Trevor Siemian.

WEEK 12 (Thanksgiving Football Week) Best  Starting TE Rankings (PPR)

Darren Waller is the top TE for upcoming Thanksgiving NFL Week

1             Darren Waller                 LV

2             Mark Andrews               BAL

3              George Kittle                  SF

4              T.J Hockenson              DET

5              Kyle Pitts                         ATL


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Evan McPherson              CIN                         21.0       

2              Jake Elliott                         PHI                         19.0       

3              Nick Folk                            NE                          16.0       

4              Chris Boswell                    PIT                          14.0

4              Robbie Gould                     SF                           14.0

Key Takeaways After Week 11

Evan McPherson topped all the placekickers with 21.0 points. Nick Folk -who has been a very consistent kicker also did well scoring 16.0 points. Jake Elliot, Chris Boswell, and Gould also played well. In the upcoming week expect Folk to give another good performance and the rest of the placekickers have been listed below.

Week 12 Must Start Place Kickers

1             Nick Folk                              NE

2              Justin Tucker                      BAL

3             Evan Mcpherson              CIN

4             Greg Zuerlein                      DAL

5              Matt Gay                              LAR

6. DSTs

Patriots DST has been playing great in recent weeks.

Rank       Team Name                      Points

1              New England Patriots     28.0       

2              Houston Texans              16.0

3              Kansas City Chiefs          15.0       

4              Tampa Bay Buccaneers  12.0       

5              San Francisco 49ers       11.0       


New England Patriots gave a very strong performance with 28.0 points. These are QB and RB points. This also was the start of the week on Thursday night football so those who started the Patriots as their DST ended up having quite a good headstart. Patriots performance was so good that others looked pale in comparison. On Thanksgiving Day week New England’s DST is at top of our chart and the rest of the DSTs are as follows.

Best Defense Teams Rankings For Week 12 DSTs

1              New England Patriots

2              Buffalo Bills

3              Chicago Bears

4             Philadelphia Eagles

5             Dallas Cowboys

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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