Italian football, Melli: “Conference final positive note for our movement.”

ITALIAN FOOTBALL MELLI – A 1 Football Club, a radio program broadcast on 1 Station Radio and hosted by Luca Cerchione, with the participation of Alessandro Melli, former AC Milan and Sampdoria player.

Italian football, Melli: “Conference final positive note for our movement.”

On how important the Conference League final is for Italian football

“It is certainly a competition born this year and it is the lowest European level, but it is always a competition and there are still teams of a certain prestige, so regardless it is a positive note. Italian football needs to restart and play European finals and semifinals. This is a nice positive note for Italian football. “

On living Serie B and the minor leagues

“I have been lucky enough to play in various leagues, including Serie A and the cups, which are the goals for which a player sets out on his career. But playing in the lower categories makes you feel a joy and emotions that have nothing to envy to the lower categories. Only the category changes, the joy remains the same. Obviously the prestige is different, but the emotions don’t change: that’s the beauty of football and sport. This year I watched the whole Serie B and a little Serie A, and very often I preferred to watch the cadet series because there is more competition and more battle than the top flight. I would have many more Italians play, and I would like to tell those on the upper floors. In my opinion we need to let our boys play. “

Which football vision pays the most?

“I believe that there are two coaches who in recent years have shown that they are enlightened: Sacchi and Guardiola. Sacchi changed football in the 80s and Pep in recent years. They were the ones who most evolved football regardless of everything. There are also coaches who play more essential football and still win, it being understood that they are always top-level coaches. Capello himself greatly optimized Sacchi’s football, it was much more essential, and he won more than Sacchi. This is the beauty of football, which is a sport that has evolved a lot and everyone has their own thoughts, not only in the roles but also in general, as in the case of the forwards, who previously had a more complicated life, while now they have a life. easier.”

Marco Chiavazzo

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